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“The liberal press.” The left-leaning press.” How many times have you heard a climate-change-denying, head-in-the-sand kind of person paste that label on the Mainstream Media” (MSM)? Maybe enough times to think that the two words always go together? Enough times so that you don’t know what’s true and what’s not?


The truth is a bit subtler. America’s MSM is anything but liberal. Corporate-owned, as it is, the MSM is beholden to its masters whose self-interests are not the same as yours. Or your family’s or the planet’s. What morsels of truth the MSM manages to feed us is a byproduct of the Bill of Rights’ First Amendment guaranteeing a “free press.”


Freeing the “Free Press”

Before being enshrined in our Constitution, the notion of a free press was an oxymoron. Those who had the means to publish were more interested in pushing an agenda than telling the truth. Our earliest political parties each had their own newspapers and they all made scurrilous attacks upon the other. Retractions were unheard of no matter the trueness of such accusations.


“Freedom of the press” is more than just a “liberal” notion — it’s revolutionary. Politicians don’t like having the media looking over their shoulders. It’s inevitable that if the, so-called, Fourth Estate reports on the three branches of government, someone is bound to be embarrassed. That’s why so many politicians hate reporters. But that’s the main job of a free press — to hold our officials accountable.


Ratings: MSM’s Real Agenda

Americans can no longer count on a free press to shine a light on governmental malfeasance. Most often MSM substitutes real issues of importance for the sake of sensationalism. Russian hacking into America’s electoral system gets a lot of attention. But is it as important as taking away healthcare from the poor to give tax breaks for the rich?


The MSM focuses on stories that titillate and infuriate because it’s those topics that draw the most eye balls. No longer concerned with informing the pubic, MSM seeks to keep the public in perpetual turmoil and outrage. was created to get back to the real business of the media — reporting on news and information that matter.


Helping America’s Transition

America is in the middle of a great transition — economic, political and social. However, you might never know it if the only news you received was from the MSM. Is MSM telling you that solar energy is cheaper than coal and is about to undercut natural gas as well? Is the MSM reporting on Trump’s war on food security and the environment?


Did you find out which personal products are dangerous to you and your family’s health from MSM? When was the last time you heard MSM warn you about using Monsanto’s Roudup because it’s been linked to cancer? If the MSM reports on renewable energy at all it’s to claim it’s not yet reliable. If it mentions organic food, it’s to cast doubt on its health advantages over GMOs.


We can’t expect MSM to highlight the increasing share of people consuming news and information through independent media such as APW. And who can blame it? MSM continues to lose market share because it is failing in its original purpose — to help maintain an informed citizenry. A democracy can’t survive without an educated, engaged populace. It’s time to take our country back. Join APW and find out how.

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Sustainable Politics: Get your Free eBook!


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