Journey to Zero Waste

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by Erica Stivison

What are small changes that contribute to a larger impact? For the months of March and April I challenged myself to cut back substantially on the amount of trash I created, document my progress and collect what little trash I did create.


A few months prior I read about a girl, my age, in New York City who fits all of her trash in a small jar. Lauren Singer lives the, “Zero Waste Lifestyle,” actively avoiding disposables and opting for reusables. This seemed out of my reach when I first heard about it, but very attainable now that I was looking for a challenge.


I’m not here to judge, I’m here to inspire change. The reality is that we vote with our money, so opting for more sustainable alternatives is an easy way to encourage a circular economy, rather than one centered around single-use resources. Upon making this change, I noticed how easy it is to talk to people about how we as humans can make small changes for the betterment of the environment. This is definitely a lifestyle that I want to continue.

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Sustainable Politics: Get your Free eBook!


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