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Replace: Industrial, chemical-dependent agriculture, GMOs, chain grocery stores and fast food restaurants.

Bring affordable, healthier food closer to home

America is reinvigorating itself through a fresh, locally grown food revolution now available to you. You can join the millions already enjoying the benefits of eating healthier while supporting a local economy. There is likely a farmers’ market, member-food-co-op or community supported farm (CSF) located in your area. A recent UN report concludes that only locally deployed organic agriculture will effectively feed future populations.

Local, Decentralized Food Sources are Healthier and More Sustainable


Organic and farmers markets provide healthy food, much of it locally grown using less water and no chemicals. When communities eat food from farms growing without petrochemicals or genetically modified seeds, everybody and everything benefits. Local growers tend to spend their money with local businesses. A vital local economy is nurtured. Meet your friends and neighbors when you shop for organic food at your local APW listed farmers market. LEARN MORE ABOUT ORGANIC PRODUCTS & MARKETS


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