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The Parallel Strategy consists of six parts — Home Energy, Transportation, Food Security, Personal Products, Independent Media and Your Money. These six broad categories represent the source of the vast majority of carbon released by an individual. They also represent the basic elements of life needed to prosper in the face of climate disruption.     In each of these areas we’ve identified technologies and systems available to you right now. When you use these cost effective alternatives you dramatically reduce CO2 and become more independent. Nothing else changes — you still drive and you still live in a comfortable house. But, you eat fresher, healthier food and you don’t have to stop at the gas station.

We help you replace:

Coal | Gas | Oil | Nuclear Power | GMOs | Industrial Agriculture | Multinational Banking | Corporate Media | Toxic Home Products

How You Do It

We have identified currently available cost-effective technologies and services available that are replacing one or more of these old systems. These “Parallel Alternatives,” offered by vendors in good standing, earn a free listing in A Parallel World (APW) Marketplace.

When you purchase a product through the APW Marketplace, you receive discounts or bonuses from vendors you can trust. Choosing these money-saving sustainable alternatives makes life better for you and future generations. This helps heal the planet while reducing our dependence on multinational corporations.

Now that is a win-win-win!

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When you join the Parallel World Community and implement the strategy, others see your money-savings and healthier lifestyle. Your leadership inspires your friends, relatives and neighbors. They will want that same 6-15% return on investment you make on your solar electric system. They will also want to drive past the gas station in their own plug-in vehicle. And the vibrant health that you’ve been enjoying from eating non-GMO food grown locally will be too good to pass up.

Simply by saving money and living a better life enabled by the Parallel World Strategy, you are helping attain a tipping point. A report from Stanford University (“Diffusion of Innovations”) states that it only takes 10% of a population adopting a new technology to create an avalanche effect for the rest of the country to follow. Join the Parallel World Community and transform this healthy trend of positive change into a sustainable lifestyle for everyone.


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