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Replace: Corporate-owned news, information and entertainment venues.

Free Yourself from the Corporate Echo Chamber

Six corporations own 90% of America’s print, radio and TV outlets. These venues are known as the mainstream media (MSM). The MSM consumed by most Americans comes filtered, shaped and slanted by the corporate agenda. Independent Media is available through independent publishing houses, non-commercial, publicly funded radio, podcasts, blogs and web-based TV. Independent Media offers less “programmed,” corporate-influenced information.

Resource: Independent Media

APW provides access to local independent magazines, radio stations and websites through the zip code enabled Parallel World Marketplace. APW also provides resources including access to objective media with a list of reliable independent sites provided by

The Advocate. Gay news, LGBT rights and politics.

AlterNet. Syndicated writings from the alternative press.

The American Prospect. Liberal political magazine.

Common Dreams. Breaking news and links to highlights from the day’s progressive press.

CounterPunch. A monthly magazine edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair.

Democracy Now!. The web version of the daily radio show.

Free Speech TV. Towards more democratic television; site features downloadable independent video.

Eschaton. Popular blog is perhaps the best round-up of the progressive blogosphere, with much media criticism.

In These Times. A nonprofit political magazine featuring news and analysis that challenge the corporate media. Independent media organizations and journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage.

Labor Notes. News about the labor movement and perspectives from workers.

Left Business Observer. “Insta-punditry” on economics and politics by Doug Henwood.‘s site for progressive news and organizing.

Mother Jones. Non-profit political news organization with a focus on social justice and investigative reporting.

The Nation. America’s oldest weekly news magazine, featuring political news and commentary.

OneWorld Online. Global news with a focus on the developing world.

The Progressive. Political magazine with commentary and news advocating for peace and social justice.

Raw Story. Alternative news site that highlights stories that get underplayed by the corporate media. It also features some original reporting.

Sam Smith’s Progressive Review. “Washington’s Most Unofficial Source.”

Truthout. Independent progressive website with original reporting, analysis as well as articles from around the web.

Utne Reader. Quarterly magazine that reprints articles from alternative media.

Village Voice. Alternative newsweekly.

World Socialist Web Site. News from a Marxist perspective; frequent media criticism.

ZNet. Z Magazine‘s site for progressive news and organizing.


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