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Free Parking in December! Santa Fe Farmers Market

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This holiday season, spend your money locally. Shop at the Farmers’ Market for fresh produce and gifts, and get the first two hours of your on-street, metered parking for FREE!

The Railyard and the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market have all you need for the holidays. Businesses in the Railyard offer you art, books, home furnishings, jewelry, clothing, recreational gear, and so much more!

What can you find at the Market this month? Every Market in December is a Special Market!!! On top of their usual selection of

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Pear mania!!


Fall is on the horizon and for those of us with gardens and fruit trees, this means canning time. The first of my canning projects this season will be my abundant pears. The good news is that our pears are without a doubt the sweetest things anyone has ever eaten. Just ask all of my friends who took home bags of them!!

This was the first time we had a real harvest of pears and it was a learning experience for us both. We could not figure out why our pears were so large and getting the red blush and

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Something new arrives in the Christie garden!


While this may be a small veggie year, our fruit trees are an entirely different story. Our Bartlett pear and Winter Banana apple trees are laden with fruit. After ten years, this is our first pear crop and just the second apple crop. As those of you who have been reading my diary know, we always have a bumper blackberry crop. Those are Bob’s babies and he tends to them quite diligently.

I have always loved eating ripe Bartlett pears with the sweetness exploding in your mouth as the juice runs down your hands and arms. Ahh, summer heaven. Of

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The modified garden plan

OK, so the birds won the seed war. For the first time in forever, I have no beans, broccoli and very few carrots and beets. Maybe 6 carrots and 6 or 7 beets. Half of one garden bed is fallow this year. Fortunately, for us those darn birds evidently do not like corn, tomatoes, Romaine lettuce, peas, and peppers. It saddens us about the about the beans and broccoli. My husband loves his broccoli and cheddar soup in the winter. I guess I am going to have to break down and buy some broccoli. It is a sorry sight when

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Garden disasters of 2016


After many years of growing bumper crops of many different kinds of vegetables, this year was a bit of a shock. I waited to plant until the middle of May, as usual, to avoid frost. Here in the high desert of New Mexico winter can linger for quite a while. Then, once the coast was clear and the soil turned and revamped with lots of homegrown compost, in went the tomatoes. 20 wonder plants of many varieties; large red BLT tomatoes, small sauce Romas, Yellow Boys with their amazing citrusy flavor, and of course my favorite, Green Zebras, the little

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Requiem for a friend

CoCo's baby picture

Talk about bad timing. Where I live, in the outskirts of Santa Fe, a war between the HOA and the people of our subdivision has been raging on the legality of owning a few hens as pets. Pets with benefits, they lay eggs, so in addition to the wonderful friendship and entertainment value (chickens have wicked senses of humor), you get food. What is not to love? Well, in spite of the war, we have always had a couple of chickens. This picture is of Coco and Molly in their younger years. Unfortunately, Molly passed away a couple of years

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Comfort Food in the Changing Season


Today we have a big storm sweeping the Santa Fe area. For those of us who live in Santa Fe, all rain is a welcome sight. For me, it means that my underground cistern is filling back up. We have 5,100-gallon underwater cistern from which I water all of my gardens, veggies, flowers, fruits, trees, roses and grass. Yes, I have grass in Santa Fe, and I do not use any well water to grow any of the green stuff in my yard. Hurrah for rain catchment!!

What makes a rainy fall-seeping-into-winter day perfect? A fire in the fireplace and

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Fall is in the Air


Fall has arrived in Santa Fe and it is my favorite time of year. I love the warm, yet crisp weather, the start of the leaves changing color, and the winding up of the year’s garden. I still have many vegetables to pick and prepare for winter storage. Some of my Poblano peppers are even turning red!

The French green beans are almost finished.

The carrots and beets are still fine in the ground. The broccoli may yield a few more pickings, but the aphids are moving in,

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Processing Tomatoes


Fall is the time for processing tomatoes. Depending on the size of my harvest, I make marinara, chili sauce, enchilada sauce, tomato soup and BBQ sauce. When I want to make large pots of any of these items, I start by freezing tomatoes as they ripen so that I can have enough ripe tomatoes at one time. I just pick them, and toss them in a gallon sized Freezer Ziploc bag. I have plenty in no time. If you can get enough in one to three pickings, do not freeze. It is unnecessary. Just keep in mind that they cook

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